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My style could be defined as impressionist, not quite figurative, abstract in the touch.

I do urban landscapes despite having settled in the countryside. On the contrary, this environment inspires me with the colors that I put in the Parisian or New York landscapes.

I often paint the rain, it makes the images sparkle and generates shiny floors.

My landscapes are apparently depopulated. Often we only see two characters but there are plenty of others, we can barely see them behind windows, in cars, in a street corner. At least that's what I see in my paintings.

I try to let the colors speak, to transmit through them the scents, the noises of Paris, the meetings with friends, the cries of the children and everything that gives us happiness. If I manage to convey these emotions I am happy.

I also work on characters, anonymous silhouettes in winter gardens. Those who take their time looking at life without hurrying too much, with a little melancholy, making up for lost time, crunching each moment as if it were unique.

I think it’s kind of myself who would like to blend into this garden, one day not too far away I’ll do just that.

Patrick Rousseau is a French artist, learn more about him.

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